Code of conduct

A code of conduct goes beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations and is based on Corporate values. It is more an obligation to act in any situation ethically and fairly. Such behaviour is prevalent in the way we work throughout Technopac Austria.


Entrepreneurial thinking

Every employee and every employee of Technopac Austria is part of the Company. We work with great dedication for the future success of our company. We have a shared responsibility, not only for the welfare of our employees, but also the wider region.

Wir schützen TechnoPac Austria Vermögenswerte vor Verschwendung, Verlust, Schaden, Missbrauch, Diebstahl und Zweckentfremdung.

We are very self- conscious to always protect the property of Technopac Austria (financial, material or immaterial), are careful not use it improperly or without permission for our own purposes or via any other outside request.

We protect Technopac Austria assets against waste, loss, damage, misuse, theft and misappropriation.

We respect the assets of others 


  • logo li  We act in the most economical way and are customer oriented.
  • logo li  We are able to identify opportunities.
  • logo li  We look for opportunities to make improvements in the market place.
  • logo li  We are ready for change.
  • logo li  We have the courage to break new ground.


Technopac Austria takes care to ensure that the jobs they create and their surroundings do not endanger the physical well being or the health of our employees or sub contractors.

For all Technopac Austria employees, awareness of risks and the safeguarding of Health is an approach we take in life. It does not stop at the office door.

It is the responsibility of managers to ensure that each employee returns home in as good a condition as how he or she came to work. Each employee has a personal responsibility for their health, general fitness and productivity.

  • logo li  We reduce waste and emissions.
  • logo li  We use energy efficiently.
  • logo li  We provide high quality products that are fit for purpose.
  • logo li  We are committed to respect the environment we live in and to promote culture, art and sport.
  • logo li  We promote educational opportunities in the region.
  • logo li  We pay attention to our own health as well as the health of our colleagues.
  • logo li  We look to strengthen our health awareness.
  • logo li  We strive to live in a healthy way.



Safety is a journey where we never reach the end of the road. We are constantly looking to improve as we talk openly about our mistakes and learn from our own and others' mistakes to reduce future risks.
The safety of our employees and all people we interact with is our most important Corporate Goal.


  • logo li  We are responsible for the safety of all Technopac Austria employees, our partners and neighbours.
  • logo li  We act consciously and thoughtfully.
  • logo li  We work in a disciplined way and observe prevailing rules, laws and regulations.



We respect and trust and are tolerant towards each other. We maintain a proper relationship based on trust and integrity with our customers and suppliers.

The knowledge and expertise we bring plays an important contribution towards our corporate success. The ideas and suggestions of our employees get things moving.
However hard we may work, also sometimes mistakes will happen. From mistakes we want to learn. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge mistakes and to evaluate them if we are to successfully mitigate damage and prevent future repetitions. It is equally important to report errors or misconduct because only from errors that are detected, we can learn and improve.

Essential to our success is the creation of business relationships built on trust. Everyone benefits from this trust. Ensuring our relationships benefit everyone means it not only appreciating the needs and requirements of our stakeholders but also appreciating values such as responsibility, respect and open and honest cooperation. This approach covers the way we interact with our partner companies, contractors, and government agencies. Competitiveness is always going hand in hand with legally correct and fair dealings.

Our business secrets and those of our partners, such as inventions, formulas, prices, etc., are valuable business information. We treat them as strictly confidential and not pass them to unauthorized persons. In the same way we respect the trade secrets of our business partners and customers.

Technopac Austria does not tolerate unethical nor corrupt behaviour on the part of any of their employees and business partners. Decisions involving any element of corruption are unethical, distort fair competition and are potentially damaging to our Company’s good reputation and future prospects.


  • Political activity

    TechnoPac Austria does not support political parties. Association or engagement in Political activities at any TechnoPac Austria factory or site are not permitted. Naturally we respect the right to freedom of expression and the protection of personal rights and privacy. Employees are expected at all times to observe and respect proper behavior and conduct as members and representatives of TechnoPac Austria in the private sector. They are therefore conscious of how their actions may be perceived and encouraged to protect the Company's reputation by acting and behaving responsibly in public, especially in the media.

  • Conflicts of interest

    Conflicts of interest can arise through accepting and offering gifts as well as accepting invitations to entertainment and events (eg sports events, concerts). Actions involving third party or related parties is not permitted in order to avoid the potential for a conflict of interest arising since participation in external activities or by private (also kinship) relationship to a TechnoPac Austria employee could be deemed to influence his/her decisions.

    Executives and employees are not permitted to participate in decisions concerning contractual relationships with partner companies if they themselves, or their close relatives, are involved in these companies or have a significant influence on their contractual relations with TechnoPac Austria.

    By "close relatives" is meant: spouses, life companions, parents, children, stepchildren, siblings, step siblings, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, grandparents, grandchildren and married family members. When it is not possible to avoid situations where TechnoPac Austria employees and close relatives, who have access to or influence with each other, contract or role in any partner companies, face dealing with each other in the case of contractual business contacts ,then these relationships must be disclosed.

    Executives and employees are obliged to inform their direct supervisor about any other relationships which could create a conflict of interest or at least create the appearance of a conflict of interest.

    Admission of any active secondary activity or employment must also be communicated to the responsible manager and consent obtained. If there is a conflict of interest and it is felt the legitimate interests of TechnoPac Austria may be undermined, the Management reserve the right to prohibit the continuation of such activity.

  • Gifts and invitations

    All employees, in particular executives and employees, who are involved in contractual relations with partner companies, are expected to avoid accepting gifts or other services from business partners other than in the acceptable context of normal/ occasional gifts of low economic value.

    The suitability of gifts, invitations to entertainment and events is regulated by TechnoPac Austria in BV 7.2.52 Anti-bribery / Anti-corruption. Within the defined value limits and frequencies, self-approval by the employee is permissible. The releavt supervisor is to be informed in a suitable manner when a gift or invitation is given.

  • logo li  We value honesty.
  • logo li  We are honest with each other and trust in each other.



At Technopac Austria, every person is entitled to fair treatment, courtesy and respect. We respect internationally recognized human rights and the European constitution and support adherence to it.

We treat other with dignity and respect and seek ways to avoid situations arising which may be deemed inappropriate behaviour. We exercise caution and behave respectfully and prudently in relation to any political or religious agendas.
We are opposed to hostile, intimidating or humiliating behavior.

We respect each other's work.
Our cooperation is characterized by respect and mutual appreciation. This means that we encourage alternative opinions and are tolerant towards different religions and outlooks on life. We address issues openly and solve any problems together.

  • logo li  We are respectful of each other, with partners, suppliers and customers also.
  • logo li  We acknowledge the achievements of others.
  • logo li  We respect everyone has a right to their own personality and individuality.



We expect each employee to show the necessary discipline required to perform their duties efficiently and at the same time safely.

  • logo li  We use our raw materials and resources optimally.
  • logo li  We use our creativity for our personal improvement.
  • logo li  We work as a solution-oriented team. 



Dealing with business partners

Our success is down to essential business relationships built on trust. Everyone benefits from this trust. That's just part of our expected professional behavior in which the values of good discipline and entrepreneurship show through.

To ensure that our relationships are made to the benefit of all and not only the needs of stakeholders, we encourage open honest cooperation and respectful and responsible behaviour.

These include our partners, contractors and any government or local authorities. Competitiveness should always be accompanied by legally fair dealings.

  • logo li  We are professional and socially competent.
  • logo li  We work according to routines, reliably and are goal-oriented.
  • logo li  We use our skills to perform to our best.
  • logo li  We look to continuously improve ourselves. 


Equal opportunity

Diversity and equal opportunities

A culture of equality, trust and mutual respect is very important to us.

We treat all colleagues equally, regardless of gender, age, illness, marital status, colour, culture, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief.

Our employees are judged solely on their performance and in accordance with their skills and knowledge. On the other side we expect each employee to get involved in the Company, to utilise their skills and to share their best endeavours, perspectives and knowledge with the rest of the Organisation.

Technopac Austria does not tolerate any individual’s behaviour or any conduct of an illegal nature in the course of their employment.


Psychological and sexual harassment

Psychological and sexual harassment are a significant burden in the working atmosphere of every Company. Sexual harassment and bullying are not tolerated at Technopac Austria. Technopac Austria does not accept actions and behaviors that are humiliating, intimidating or of a hostile nature. The consequences and kind of behaviour this involves should be clearly understood.

Psychological and sexual harassment are misconduct that may have legal consequences for you.

Never make inappropriate jokes or comments. If you are unsure whether a remark is appropriate, refrain from making it.

Be sure not to use or circulate any abusing or provocative materials which may be pornograhic or defamatory nature (among other things Images)

If you interfere with certain acts or behavior, take it from the person concerned to the language, explain the reason and ask for injunctive relief. 


Equal opportunities

When hiring new trainees or employees, as well as transport, we hire only on grounds of performance and suitability of candidates.

  • logo li  we consider Diversity as an asset.
  • logo li  gender or age, marital status, or skin color, culture or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability or illness, religion or belief is not important in our employment decision making process. your social media marketing partner