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Meeting the needs of our customers cannot be achieved solely by providing a basic FIBC (big bag). Quality requirements are an essential and integral part of the design engineering. Starting with the selection of materials, to the adaptation of latest technologies and the strict observation of safety standards and through to the punctual delivery of the finished product - all stages in the development and design of a Technopac product which will satisfy and meet the needs of our customers, are of equal importance.


Quality standards - certified partners

product quality


Quality standards are applied and put in place at all stages to ensure the system works smoothly and the final product meets the desired criteria. A quality management system such as ISO 9001 provides assurance procedures to achieve this goal. All Technopac’s manufacturing partners are certified according to current ISO 9001 standards. This certification confirms compliance to standards in all areas of production, responsibility and documentation. Given increasing demands for higher quality and better service, our production went a step further and received in the last quarter of 2003, accreditation under ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001 and the updated certification ISO 9001: 2000. We are constantly working to improve the quality.


Code of Conduct & Ethical Principles

Product quality  ethical basis


Going beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations, a code of conduct is based around corporate values; thereby becoming an obligation to act in any situation ethically and fairly. We encourage such behavior as a basis in Technopac Austria.

Technopac and our partners live and act according to ethical principles which, since 2009, was introduced by SAI (Social Accountability International) an international standard and one of the world's most demanding social standards,SA8000.


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Technopac Austria has been a member of EcoVadis since 2015. So we ensure our living environmental policy is checked annually by an external body



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