Technical expertise

Competence – Know How

Technopac Austria has a skilled team which has developed a high competency in the complexities of the FIBC (Big Bag) as a result of many decades of experience in the Industry. Furthermore, through their membership and participation in various associations and forums, Technopac Austria is often able to pick up on trends and developments before they are made official in public or have an impact on the market.

Utilising this high level of expertise benefits our customers especially in terms of security, product development and competitive offering. Additionally our productions and production partners stand to benefit from the regulatory updates and technical developments which ensures they have access to the latest state of the art production capabilities.


Product development

The high level of our technicians expertise provides our clients peace of mind in terms of selecting on their side the right partner in new projects for development improvements, savings - naturally with the focus always remaining on safety and quality. Of course, our technicians deal not only with FIBC (Big Bag) specific questions or latest developments, but also with other associated and highly relevant issues such as Load security, stability, suitability of high-Cube v sea containers, and much more.


Reliability at all levels

From our customers perspective, reliability of the products we supply is crucial in any industrial process. Consistent quality together with timely delivery contributes significantly to the smooth operation and production flow in your company. In cases where a short-notice demand increase arises, our production facility in Poland can help out given its proximity to the main Central European markets. Demand fluctuation may also be better managed through utilisation of one of our central warehouses, where a stock keeping service is available for your short notice call off’s. We also understand that reliability in terms of price plays a more important role these days; with many of our customers preferring to work on Frame contracts with cost indexation clauses, so that here to your business can benefit from a transparent and reliable base for costing. your social media marketing partner