Ethical principles

Technopac and our partners live and act according to ethical principles which, since 2009, have been laid down by SAI (Social Accountability International), an international standard SA8000 which is one of the world’s most demanding social standards. SA8000 is based on the ILO Convention principles. The Convention for Children’s Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights SA8000 covers the following areas of regulation: 


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Child labour

General prohibition of child labour according to ILO convention

Forced labour

No forced labour eg prison labour or bonded labour. In addition, no retention of deposits or identity papers by employers or employment agencies.

Health and safety

Providing a safe and healthy working environment, procedures to avoid injury, regular training of workers in respect of health and safety awareness and for detection and prevention of health and safety risks, access to clean drinking water and toilets.

Freedom of association and rights under collective bargaining

Respecting the rights to form and join trade unions and collective bargaining associations and where the law restricts these freedoms, ensuring that alternative forums for meetings and for collective bargaining are made available.


No discrimination based on race, caste, origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation.


No corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion and no verbal abuse.

Working hours

Compliance with applicable laws, but under no circumstances more than 48 hours per week for at least one day off per seven-day period, premium pay for voluntarily overtime, provided no more than 12 hours overtime per week on a regular basis; Overtime may be mandatory if previously agreed under context of collective bargaining.

Wages and salaries

Wages paid for a standard working week must meet legal and industry standards and be sufficient to cover the basic needs of workers and their families; no reduction for disciplinary reasons. your social media marketing partner