Dear Customer and Partner,

Josef is 7 years old and lives with his parents and 5 siblings in Vienna. Josef had a major oxygen deficiency at birth and is severely handicapped for his life. Due to Josef's disability, his mother became mentally ill, so his father had to give up work to be there for the big family. The family lives in poverty and financial support from the state is just enough to survive.



To promote Josef's mobility, the doctor recommended a MOMO tricycle, an aid that combines a variety of therapeutic and medical benefits and requirements. In addition to health benefit, the MOMO tricycle is especially helpful in assisting integration of children with movement disorders.

In addition, Josef should take part in hippotherapy as often as possible, an extremely efficient neurological physiotherapy on the back of trained horses.

The "walking with borrowed legs" strengthens the entire core muscles and personal self-confidence. Also, it is often the only direct connection to nature people in wheelchairs experience. Josef wishes many of those wonderful moments in his life.
Once again Technopac Austria has renounced all the commercial Christmas gifts and were able to fulfil Josef's wishes on your behalf and with the help of the organization "Licht für Kinder". We were present at the handover of the Momo bike and the therapy vouchers. Josef's joy touched us very much.

We very much thank you in Josef’s name.

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018 and are looking forward to continued good cooperation during the next year.

Your Technopac Austria Team your social media marketing partner