Dear Business Partners,

Little is spoken about them, rarely reported, but they are there: Approximately 1,000 children in Lower Austria are living in institutions. Their number is constantly growing. The most common reasons for children to be separated from their parents include violence, neglect and abuse. Children and adolescents who are exposed to sexual, psychological or physical violence in their personal environment have just as much right to security as everyone else. Despite all efforts rehousing is very hard, especially when it comes to accommodating siblings together in a warm and welcoming home. The new “Johanna Dohnal children’s residence” in St. Pölten has been created exactly for this need. It provides up to ten sibling children a "safe" and warm place.


2013Our Social commitment is very strong and is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. Also this year we have decided not to give any commercial Christmas presents in favor of making financial contribution to support those children for any future projects.

Of course we have also prepared Christmas gifts for every child for Christmas Eve. Mrs. Zöching and Mrs. Rauchberger were handing them over earlier this month to the children teachers.

On behalf of the children we would like to thank you and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014.

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